May 2nd, 2017

Spring is here! The leaves are swelling and opening on the trees, there's pollen everywhere. The fields are bustling with activity, when it is not raining out that is! The forecasters had said it would be a cool, wet spring, and for the most part, they have been right.

We have been planting seedlings out into the field, scrambling to get plants out there before it rains again. Our little greenhouses are bursting with plants ready to be planted out in the field.

It's so exciting and uplifting to see green plants ready to go into the ground!

Behind the scenes I am busy preparing things to get ready for the coming season. Our flower CSA is open for new members, and I am busy planning special events. For information about our Flower CSA, please see the Flower Share page.

It's raining again...oh well, better than a drought! Stay happy!