What's new at the farm, spring, 2019

It has been a long tine since I last wrote in the blog. The farm is owned now by a nonprofit called Homesteads for Hope. Our farmer friend had retired and sold the farm. Meanwhile, the new owners allowed us to continue to farm there. We are grateful, as there is a good water source, the fields are great., and the company of staff, and students is also super.

This year we have moved down the hill to another field, which meant that we had to transplant all of our perennials. I am hoping they still flower! The location is better in some ways, the soil has not been steadily farmed in a while, which means the fertility will be better. We are closer to the barns, and the students will be helping us. In turn, we will be teaching the students about flower farming and making bouquets.

Last fall we added about 80 Peonies, which will produce enough flowers for sale in 2020. We have some older Peonies which will produce this summer. Peonies are such luscious and colorful flowers!

It’s May already, and we are super busy getting all of our annuals out into the field. It has rained often this month, so we run out there every dry day we can. The plants look so tiny, and the ground very bare. I always keep in mind that in a month there will be tons of weeds and larger plants, so I have to plan for that. Weed control for us is Biodegradable mulch, and bark mulch. No chemicals! This year we will be adding a cover crop to the aisles, to control weeds, add fertility, and create green smooth pathways.

I am excited to be back at the Brighton Farmers Market this season, and to also sell bouquets at the Homesteads for Hope new Farm store. Look for flowers in mid June!