We offer flower shares through our 2019 Flower CSA program. You can become a member and receive flowers once a week for 10 weeks (full share), or once every other week (half share), for the summer season. We also offer a monthly share.

Flower Shares are one size, a  larger bouquet, a pretty mix of annuals, perennials, and foliage.

To pick up your flower share please pick up at:

Brighton Farmers Market: 9am-1pm on Sundays, Brighton High School, 1150 Winton Rd. South, Brighton, NY

The Flower CSA pick up dates: begin on July 7.  Every weekend for full share until Sept 8, and every other weekend for half shares, until Sept. 8.

Prices: Full Share: $140.00   Half Share: $84.00, monthly is $60/4 weeks, $75/5weeks.

Contact: Dana Dore-Hadad: chicorybluegardens@gmail.com for more information.